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General Hospital Spoilers Sonny

General Hospital fans are eagerly awaiting the return of Sonny Corinthos, played by Maurice Benard. In the upcoming episodes, we’ll learn more about Sonny’s secret past, betrayal of Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros), and his decision to let Dex take an even bigger role in taking down Sonny. Here’s what to expect in Season 10 of General Hospital.

Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard)

Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bennett) is a character on General Hospital. He has been in the ER since the mid-80s and has recently returned to the hospital. In this week’s episode, Sonny is back to see Claire and Jax, and he’s unsure of how the situation will turn out. Sonny is still a bit confused about how he feels about his daughter, Brenda.

Sonny starts a relationship with Sam McCall, but soon finds out she’s pregnant. He asks her to lie about her paternity, and she agrees, despite knowing Sonny isn’t the father. Carly is then held hostage by a mysterious man named James Craig, who turns out to be Jerry Jacks disguised as an actor.

His relationship with a waitress

The next week’s General Hospital will bring some big surprises for fans, as Sonny begins to have feelings for a waitress. The couple will also find out that Sonny is in love with a waitress named Esme. As the relationship develops, Sonny will learn about the waitress’s sexuality, which will leave Curtis Ashford aghast. In addition, TJ and Molly will track down Marshall and learn the truth about Sasha’s past. Meanwhile, Brook Lynn Quartermaine will reveal some shocking news to Spencer and will reveal a shocking secret about Sasha Gilmore Corbin. Meanwhile, Kevin will begin to be suspicious of Esme and his relationship with Sonny.

However, Sonny’s relationship with a waittress won’t be over just yet. The character is still going to try to regain Carly’s trust. Meanwhile, Mike will start to have feelings for Nina as well. But before that, Sonny will try to win Nina back. He’ll even make her a big surprise by making her a sexy gift for her father.

His betrayal of Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros)

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sonny Corinthos’s betrayal of Nina Reevings is coming in the second half of Season 12. Earlier this year, he chose to remain loyal to his estranged wife and daughter, keeping them away from him. Despite this, he has been betrayed by his own family and has been thrown into a series of unfortunate events.

Despite his loyalty to Sonny, the man he loves is betraying Nina Reeves (Cyhia Watros). She was desperate to help Sonny, but he is determined to rescind his promise to her. He tries to manipulate her, using her guilt over Willow and her betrayal to get her to return to him.

His decision to let Dex take a bigger role in taking down Sonny

While Brando is suspicious of Dex, Sonny finds out that he is not a good guy. Dex was warned by Sonny not to touch any of his kids, but he still thinks it is enough. He tries to convince Brando to stop following Dex, but he gets a nasty surprise when he sees him chasing him.

While Dex is a good friend of Sonny’s, he doesn’t trust him completely. He’s unsure if he can trust Dex and whether he can actually follow orders. Brick, on the other hand, is convinced that Dex is the real deal and will work for Sonny. This is because he’s a handpicked member of Sonny’s family, and Michael Corinthos has no time for slacking off when it comes to Sonny.

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