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Largo Medical Center

The New Largo Medical Center
The Largo Medical Center offers 13 graduate-level medical education programs including
anesthesia, dermatology, family practice, internal medicine, orthopedic surgery, and traditional
internship residency programs.
Graduates can choose to specialize in one of these fields or
pursue other programs that require a graduate-level degree. In addition to a graduate medical
education program, Largo Medical Center offers traditional internship and residency programs
in general surgery, cardiology, psychiatry, and orthopedics.
255 beds
The 255 beds at Largo Medical Center are a large addition to the city’s healthcare system.
Opened in 1978, the hospital is a part of the HCA healthcare system. The hospital’s first CEO
was Jack Bovender, who later became CEO of the Hospital Corporation of America. The
current CEO of Largo Medical Center is Adam Rudd. Read on to learn more about the
hospital’s growth.

There are four medical centers within the hospital, including ones specializing in heart, spine,
and diabetes care. The center also offers workers compensation services, including alcohol
testing and education. It coordinates care for injured workers and provides diagnostic testing
and physical rehabilitation. It is the only hospital in the area with this combination of medical
and rehabilitation services. The hospital has four levels of care to meet the needs of patients
and will be more efficient if more employees are served.
Joint Commission accreditation
Getting Joint Commission accreditation for your medical center is a sign of quality care and
patient safety. By ensuring that a healthcare provider meets the standards of The Joint
Commission, you can reduce the risks and costs associated with patient care. Accreditation
from the Joint Commission is based on successful completion of an on-site survey, conducted
by specially trained surveyors. The survey aims to determine whether the healthcare center is
meeting the Joint Commission standards.
The surveyors at the Largo Medical Center carefully examine each patient and the quality of
care provided by the medical staff.
They use data from the patient’s medical records to chart
the patient’s experience in the health care organization. Surveyors also interview the patients
and speak with staff members that interact with the patient. Obtaining Joint Commission
certification and accreditation will help you reduce the risks of patient care and lower your
hospital’s liability.
The Largo Medical Center is a teaching hospital with 3 campuses and provides comprehensive
patient care services in the Tampa Bay area. Their Hospital-Based Track of Professional
Nursing program prepares students for entry-level registered nursing positions in health care
settings. The Largo Medical Center Dermatology Residency RSS feed can be added to a feed
reader or news aggregator. Largo Medical Center has a list of its residents and is ranked
highly for two procedures.
In addition to a comprehensive range of healthcare services, Largo Medical Center has 10
fellowship programs accredited by the Joint Commission and AHCA. These programs focus on
internal medicine and critical care. The physicians in these programs have excellent
reputations and have extensive experience. The Largo Medical Center is affiliated with USF
Morsani College of Medicine. It also offers the Transplant Institute of Florida. If you are unsure
of where to begin your residency or fellowship training, you should consider the Largo Medical
AHCA approval
The new law allows hospitals to offer more than one type of service to their patients, including
heart transplants, open-heart surgery, neonatal intensive-care units, and pediatric procedures.
The CON program is still intact for hospices, intermediate care facilities, and nursing homes,
but the new law allows them to offer bone-marrow transplants. But the new rules are not yet in

effect. It will likely take months before the new hospital has all the required licenses to provide
those services.
The new Largo Medical Center offers an extensive list of services to the local community,
including a 24/7 emergency department, a Florida Bariatric Center, cardiovascular care, wound
care, and hyperbaric medicine. Other services at the center include a Community Cancer
Program, Florida Bariatric Centers, Graduate Medical Education Program, Hospitalists,
Inpatient Rehabilitation, Palliative Care Services, and Robotic Surgery.
Bariatric surgery
Largo Medical Center is an accredited teaching hospital and Joint Commission-accredited
institution that provides comprehensive healthcare services to the community. It has three
campuses in the area to serve residents and visitors alike. The center also offers a variety of
surgical procedures, including bariatric surgery. The Largo Medical Center’s skilled surgeons
provide the best care for their patients. Bariatric surgery can provide the patient with a lifelong
weight-loss solution and may even cure a number of obesity-related comorbidities.
Patients undergoing bariatric surgery should be aware that this procedure is not appropriate
for everyone who is severely overweight. Patients must meet strict medical criteria and be
committed to long-term lifestyle changes to achieve the weight loss results they want. Because
bariatric surgery is a major medical procedure, it may require a significant amount of money,
so it is important to check with your health insurance plan and regional Medicare or Medicaid
offices for coverage benefits.
Largo Medical Center offers comprehensive healthcare services, including 24-hour emergency
care on three campuses,
Behavioral Medicine Emergency Services, Cardiovascular Services,
Center for Wound Care, a Hyperbaric Medicine facility, the Florida Breast Institute, and a
number of other specialized centers and programs. In addition to offering bariatric surgery,
Largo Medical Center also offers cardiology, afib & heart Rhythm Center, and inpatient
rehabilitation. In addition to bariatric surgery, the center offers services for inpatient
rehabilitation, spine care, and other treatments.

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