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Miss USA Cheslie Kryst Died On Sunday From Suspected Suicide

The former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst was discovered dead from a suspected suicide. The circumstances of her death are still under investigation. She was intelligent and well-liked by many. She was a former Division I athlete and lawyer. She wrote an essay about aging before being crowned the new Miss USA. What was her last act? What is the significance of her death? Read on to learn more. Sadly, Cheslie Kryst’s death has been a tragic event for many.

Cheslie Kryst was a former Division I athlete

Former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst jumped to her death from a New York City apartment on Sunday. She was an attorney and former Division I athlete. She was a recent graduate of the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina and was on the Track and Field team while at UofSC. Though she was a successful businesswoman, her personal life was also filled with tragedy.

She was a lawyer

If you thought Miss USA was just another beauty contest, think again. In 2019, Miss USA was a lawyer! Cheslie Kryst was an attorney, activist, and former Miss USA, but she went beyond the pageant world. She used her skills to work pro bono for criminal justice reform, including reducing prison sentences for low-level offenses. She also found time to compete in pageants. During her reign as Miss USA, she became one of five Black women to sweep all of the major beauty pageants.

She was the oldest person to win the pageant at the time

In 1957, Olivia Culpo, then age 20, became the first woman to win the title. Before entering the pageant, she had already been married twice and given birth to two children. She lied about her age to compete in the Miss Universe pageant. However, her talent in music made her stand out and she was named Miss Argentina. In the following years, she continued to compete and became a popular singer, appearing on stage and in film.

She wrote an essay on aging

Cheslie Kryst was a young woman who openly worried about aging and society’s attitude towards older women. Tragically, she died on Sunday after falling from her apartment building in midtown Manhattan. Although there is no explanation for her suicide, the message in her essay in the beauty journal Allure could be interpreted as a cry for help for women of all ages. In fact, Kryst was quite open about her worries and expressed them in a very vulnerable way, as if to beg for attention.

She worked pro bono for incarcerated people

Eva Ross earned her J.D. from Drexel University. After law school, she interned with the Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project and worked for the Philadelphia Defender Association, representing low-income clients in pretrial felony arraignments. Eva also volunteered with the ACLU, reviewing police stops, sealing conviction histories, and Books through Bars in Philadelphia. Her extensive experience in criminal justice and community advocacy helps her work in the legal field.

She spoke out on mental health

Dorothea Buck was a German woman and psychiatric activist. At the age of 19 she was sterilized at a Christian psychiatric hospital under Nazi law. She later suffered from psychosis and eventually lost her dream of becoming a teacher. Sterilization also prevented her from getting a college degree. As a result, Buck began speaking out about mental health.

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