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NEW YORK (PRWEB) December 22, 2021
The Healthcare Technology Report is pleased to announce The Top 25 Consumer HealthTech Executives of 2021. This year, consumer healthcare technology has maintained its unprecedented and explosive growth, with telemedicine ingraining itself as an invaluable component of many patients’ health and wellness needs. As digital transformation in healthcare organizations continues, AI is proving to be a valuable asset that could revolutionize the way health professionals and physicians analyze and interpret patient data as well as diagnose illnesses and prescribe treatments. For patients, wearables like fitness trackers are being augmented with advanced features such as heart monitoring and data collection, which help physicians keep them healthy.
The companies represented on this year’s list showcase a wide variety of consumer health technologies, such as platforms that bring patients and their doctors together virtually, advanced home diagnostic solutions, telemedicine services that can deliver medication to a patient’s doorstep, and many others. Quite a few of this year’s awardees are founders who have leveraged their experience, expertise, and leadership skills to make an impact on healthcare worldwide. Big Health Founder and Chief Executive Officer Peter Hames spun his struggles dealing with insomnia into a means of bettering mental health care through advanced digital therapeutics like Sleepio and Daylight. Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Doug Hudson landed $125 million in investment for his dental service Tend early in the year, and has since spearheaded an aggressive expansion of its business, debuting three new locations in both Boston and Atlanta.
Nominees were appraised based on a number of factors, including depth of knowledge, industry reputation, and career achievements. We also researched each nominee’s professional track record, evaluating them for their demonstrated leadership acumen in current and previous organizations as well as the quality of products and solutions their organizations brought to market. Please join us in recognizing The Top 25 Consumer HealthTech Executives of 2021.
Helen Mader (Behavior Frontiers), Mattieu Gamache-Asselin (Alto Pharmacy), Brad Brooks (TigerConnect), Isabelle Kenyon (Calibrate), Mike Porath (The Mighty), Tushar Vashisht (HealthifyMe), Oliver Kharraz (Zocdoc), Johannes Schildt (Kry), Julia Cheek (Everly Health), Varsha Rao (Nurx), Peter Hames (Big Health), Doug Hudson (Tend), Jonathan Sudharta (Halodoc), Ellis McCue (Territory Foods), Randy Klein (Vesta Healthcare), Steve Gatena (, Irad Eichler (Circles), Ethan Bechtel (OhMD), Simon Bédard (Clinia), Sebastian Seiguer (emocha Health), Sumit Sinha (Phable Care), Steve Giannini (, Naomi Allen (Brightline), Rushika Fernandopulle (One Medical), Dan Giuliani (Volt Athletics).
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